It was a hot sunny day in Marina Bay Sands. I was enjoying the view of the tall buildings and the sparkling window glasses of the skyscrapers from the top. A touch of creme combined with brown colours from top to toe gives a more elegant semi-vintage feel. Layered bottom and the thin fabric long sleeves top somehow created a milder look. The casual but stunning wedges are perfect to be worn in this location, standing straight and tall just as one of the skyscrapers. Sometimes it's just so nice to stop and take a break for awhile, looking around the crowd reflecting all the things you've been through, remember to keep moving forward and slowly but sure forgetting all the pain you felt and and all the mistakes you've done. Change all your perspectives and always look at the bright side.

Gold Earrings: Topshop
Sunglasses: Topshop
Watch: Anne Klein
Layered Bottom: Charlotte Russe
Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell


  1. i am so in love with your look
    your heels are amazign so eyecatchy totaly love this look <3

    Hope you may visit my blog,too
    Your Amely Rose from: