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Kota Tua (Old Batavia) 

It's been a long time since I've been posting and yes this one is finally something different that just an OOTD post yay :) During our last mid-semester break, me and the other art students decided to go on a trip to Kota Tua, also known as Old Town/Old Batavia. For those who have never heard of Kota Tua, it is a small area in Jakarta which spans 1.3 kilometers of North Jakarta and South Jakarta where there are still many museums, old cafes, street food and ancient traditional shops located in this area. In Kota Tua, we found so many interesting places to visit, such as: Cafe Batavia, Rumah Akar, Museum Fatahillah and Historia Food and Bar. So here's some really great a collaboration photographs taken by all of us, hope you'll enjoy.

Cafe Batavia 

 In front of Museum Fatahillah

Cycling around Fatahillah Square

Hanna Melissa

  Jesslyn Sutisna (@Historia)

Trivita Tiffany (@Rumah Akar) 

 Jennifer Putri

Shadrina Hapsari 

(last but not least) Sheila Natasha, who will also be posting a Lookbook video of our trip on Youtube, the link will be posted here soon and please watch it guys :)

Special thanks and credits to:

Shadrina Hapsari
Trivita Tiffany
Sheila Natasha
Jesslyn Sutisna
Ronny Yogiswara
Hanna Melissa
Jennifer Putri


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