So it's Monday again :( and I just had the most tiring weekend ever. I went to a birthday party on Friday night and had a sleepover at my friends' house. The next morning we painted a wheel of fortune for our year level's flea market since we had to raise more money, then we took care of our flea market booth at our school event, Family Fun Day. Just after the second we finished decorating and setting up everything, the rain was pouring hard so we had to move the whole thing from the soccer field into the theatre, which is quite a long walk through the rain. Finally on Sunday I managed to do two photo shoots. I just uploaded one of them and hope you enjoy.

In the photo, I just tried to mix and match a simple set of a black skirt and a v-neck peplum top of mine with a blazer that I had never worn before with some accessories. I didn't plan to appeal this classy, but the whole look just ended up to become all black and red. I really like to wear matching colour outfits, I think this is some kind of my signature look.

Btw, I'm so excited for my Pramuka Island trip this Thursday!


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