An End to What We’ve All Started

- December -

For me it’s not just a month of joy and happiness. My dearest little sister passed away on Christmas 2005 and since then I never see Christmas and New Year the same way again.  25th of December has given a sad mark to my heart and my family. Going through the last month of every year has never been easy for myself.

Until one day I found a quote saying, “our Christmas list gets shorter every year because as we grow up we are asking for more of the things that we cannot buy.” This makes me think really hard and realize how true it is, and how we couldn’t change this fact.

December, for me becomes a month to contemplate, to think, to reflect, to cry and laugh at the mistakes that I’ve done. The sad ones and the tragic ones, the funniest and the silliest ones.

December, I think, should be the month not to make resolution, but to start changing. Do something more for yourself and others, don’t wait for another year to end, don’t wait for another 1st of January to start something new. Start now, make change now, be sad now and yet decide to be happy now. Because ending the year is not only about the wait to end the suffer or happiness, it’s about giving another chance to not just wait but to start and give a happy ending to what we’ve all started.

So readers, how are you going cherish and make the best out of this month to end 2015? :)



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